Hi, these are three very different A papers, from LAGCC. Some differences: Their papers needed to be 8-10 pages. Also they were not allowed to use footnotes in that school, so you will only see in-text citations. Finally some of the citations on the Works Cited pages would not be allowed at BMCC. Remember everything must be verified, using BMCC library searches and databases, including: J store, Ebsco, Gale, Twayne’s authors, NY Times achieves, available through the library website.  Paris Review, Atlantic and The New Yorker are also good literary sources. If you can get into the website of the colleges these authors attended, that also will give you lots of good material.


Do not use:

Websites put up by fans or writers, themselves.

Do not use any  kind of Biography or history . com, as well as any other unverified nonsense.

Model research papers, below: