Instructions for revision of 2nd Contrast/Comparison Essay

First drafts returned:  10.5.16

Procedures for second drafts:

1) Any paper with a “no Credit” grade in any combination of “incomplete,” or “needs improvement” should be revised and must be submitted by  10.19.16 (we have no classes the entire week of 10.10.16, due to CUNY wide holidays)


2) The revisions must be TYPED.


3) The first draft must be stapled to the back of the new version.  I will not accept any paper that is not stapled to your typed, graded paper.


4) I will not accept papers, after 10.19.16


5) Your second draft must be proofread, and presented according to MLA format. It must be written adhering to standard conventions of English language use.  It must be at double spaced, and it needs to be 8-10 paragraphs.  All problems pointed in the first draft must be corrected.   

Good luck!