201  assessment sheet,  Fall  2016

Mandatory requirements for a passing grade:

  • Submission of a complete research paper with both drafts done correctly and on time._____ First draft must be resubmitted with final draft_______
  • Photos must be submitted and cited_______________

3) Complete and Appropriate documentation of all sources, (printed out documents of original research) must be presented in an organized source folder (mandatory for passing grade)

Any missing items results in a loss of 85 points.

Documentation complete: _________________

Grade on first draft:         _averaged with final grade_________________

Grade on final draft_______________________

4) Quotations true to text:     + 10/-10_________

5) Thesis is clearly stated and supported with complex and compelling evidence/or     +20______

Thesis  is simplistic with rudimentary language, which may wander off topic.         -20______________

6)Syntax and  control of language: Language is : Complex (+10), adequate (+5), simplistic, (-5)difficult to follow(-10)

7)Mechanics and grammar: superior handling(+10), adequate,(+5) poor(-10)

8)Student’s use of his/her own voice is evident and original(+20) or mostly copied from other texts (-20)


9) Is information correct: (+20)

10) Can original research be easily located by information given in the paper? (+20)

11) Is all language from other sources properly acknowledged as such? (Plagiarism) (+20)

12) Student must have 140 points to receive a passing grade. 170 points for a superior grade           

13)Are photos there and properly cited? (+10)

14)Are articles there and properly cited? (+10)

15) Are books there and properly cited? (+1