Critical dates and times for research papers and Final Exams

11/30 Typed rough draft of research paper Most be checked in class. Missing draft of research paper incurs 40% penalty of final grade on that paper.

12/5 Review of talking points for final exam, for all classes .final quick look at research papers.

12/7 201.1601 will begin testing as early as possble in N489 and continue into next time periods. !700 and 1900 will not be meeting. Final research papers due for 1601 at beginning of class.

12/12 1700 comes to regular classroom and begins testing at 5:00 pm. They will continue until tests finished. 1900 students will come to regular classroom as early as possible, including if they want to come at 5:00 to get the test done. All research papers due at beginning of class.

Check syllabus and research paper handout for specifics about research paper guidelines.

I will meet with students one day during finals week to discuss grades, I will email when I get enough done, to set up a date. You can email me for grades or wait for them to be posted, if you can’t come in. I cannot store your research papers as they take up too much space. and Final Exams

Assessment guidelines for 201 Research paper

201  assessment sheet,  Fall  2016

Mandatory requirements for a passing grade:

  • Submission of a complete research paper with both drafts done correctly and on time._____ First draft must be resubmitted with final draft_______
  • Photos must be submitted and cited_______________

3) Complete and Appropriate documentation of all sources, (printed out documents of original research) must be presented in an organized source folder (mandatory for passing grade)

Any missing items results in a loss of 85 points.

Documentation complete: _________________

Grade on first draft:         _averaged with final grade_________________

Grade on final draft_______________________

4) Quotations true to text:     + 10/-10_________

5) Thesis is clearly stated and supported with complex and compelling evidence/or     +20______

Thesis  is simplistic with rudimentary language, which may wander off topic.         -20______________

6)Syntax and  control of language: Language is : Complex (+10), adequate (+5), simplistic, (-5)difficult to follow(-10)

7)Mechanics and grammar: superior handling(+10), adequate,(+5) poor(-10)

8)Student’s use of his/her own voice is evident and original(+20) or mostly copied from other texts (-20)


9) Is information correct: (+20)

10) Can original research be easily located by information given in the paper? (+20)

11) Is all language from other sources properly acknowledged as such? (Plagiarism) (+20)

12) Student must have 140 points to receive a passing grade. 170 points for a superior grade           

13)Are photos there and properly cited? (+10)

14)Are articles there and properly cited? (+10)

15) Are books there and properly cited? (+1

Revisions for second essay

Instructions for revision of 2nd Contrast/Comparison Essay

First drafts returned:  10.5.16

Procedures for second drafts:

1) Any paper with a “no Credit” grade in any combination of “incomplete,” or “needs improvement” should be revised and must be submitted by  10.19.16 (we have no classes the entire week of 10.10.16, due to CUNY wide holidays)


2) The revisions must be TYPED.


3) The first draft must be stapled to the back of the new version.  I will not accept any paper that is not stapled to your typed, graded paper.


4) I will not accept papers, after 10.19.16


5) Your second draft must be proofread, and presented according to MLA format. It must be written adhering to standard conventions of English language use.  It must be at double spaced, and it needs to be 8-10 paragraphs.  All problems pointed in the first draft must be corrected.   

Good luck!